New Video: Healthy Foods That are Cruel: My AHS Presentation

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TweetFor those of you who missed my presentation at the Ancestral Health Symposium and my blog post, here is the video (20 min long) highlighting some of the major issues within the banana, coffee and chocolate industries, and why I buy fair trade certified and direct trade certified.   Thank...
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New Video: What is a CSA?

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Tweet Clark Farm CSA Manager Kristen Cummings explains how our model of “subscription-based agriculture” helps the farmer and builds community. Click here to see all my videos.  Google+
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Healthy Foods That are Cruel: Bananas, Coffee and Chocolate

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kids with chocolate
Tweet  Above is a video link to my presentation from the Ancestral Health Symposium at UC Berkley. I’ve outlined the presentation below:   “To be interested in food, but not food production, is clearly absurd” – Wendell Berry   Food plays such an important role in all of our lives. Yet,...
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All New! Podcast Episode 1: Meet Liz and Diana

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Tweet   Welcome to Modern Farm Girls: Real Food Radicals Bringing Backwoods Back. This is the place to be for farm talk, homesteading adventures and all thing self-sufficient and sustainable. Liz Wolfe, author of Eat the Yolks and I wanted to start this show so that we could share pieces...
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Trip to Broadturn Farm

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TweetThis past weekend, I headed up north to work on a video project with Allison Milligan. This will be our second video story in a series that we’re working on, about sustainable food production. We’ll share more on that this fall, when we’ve had time to edit the footage. While...
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Searching for Self-Love

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TweetThis is a guest post from Lucy Hendricks, who I had the pleasure of meeting at a dinner party at PaleoFX in Austin, TX this past spring. She recently posted some before and after photos of herself on social media, and I was really moved by them. The “before” is...
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What is Optimal Human Nutrition?

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TweetI believe that the majority of today’s health issues are directly related to the overconsumption of highly palatable, industrially processed food. I’m on a mission to help people regain their health by eating nutrient-dense foods. We live in a world that is far removed from our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Some people...
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Vinland: All local, gluten free restaurant in Portland, Maine

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TweetA few weeks ago, I went up to do a book signing at the Portland, Maine Whole Foods Market. Luckily, the event was scheduled early, so I was able to meet my roommate from my college days and go out for a great dinner. My friend Michelle Tam of Nom...
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Shrimp Green Curry Soup

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TweetThis recipe was a total accident and I’m so glad it happened! I was completely uninspired for dinner tonight. I had pulled some chicken broth out from our freezer to make soup, that’s all I had planned. I sort of let the rest of the dish happen spontaneously. What resulted...
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Thoughts on “Fed Up” the Film

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TweetIt’s been a while since I’ve added a new post. I’m really working hard to try and finish my next book. Half of it is already at my publisher, and I’m cranking hard to send in the other half within the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, I took a break...
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